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"Jonathan and his crew are really amazing! They’ve been cleaning our windows for years and if you know about the weather on the Oregon coast it’s a necessity to keep them clean on the outside so the weather doesn’t permanently damage them. We also have them clean our windows on the inside and they always look so great. Great professional team every time. I’d give them more than 5 stars if I could. Love these guys."
Shelley E., via Google

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Keeping your home on the coast looking its best

Living on the beautiful Oregon Coast means that your windows need to be protected from the different kinds of weather that we get. While we love showcasing your sparkling windows, functionally we are also helping keep the salt and minerals off the windows thus reducing permanent damage.

At Sea Clean, we specialize in professional residential and commercial window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and house washing for your property on the North Coast. Your windows are the eyes of your equity— and we want to help you maximize that return. Why not take a look at what our clients are saying from our verified reviews?

If you would like to see your windows sparkle inside and out, tap on one of the buttons below to get in touch with us! This year we have introduced a system that allows you to book online with an instant quote:

Window cleaning project by Sea CleanCleaned windows in Cannon Beach

Professional Window Cleaning

Have you ever driven by a stunning home and were appalled at the dirty windows only to realize it is your home? We help our clients to avoid this embarrassing experience. We all know that dirty windows don’t represent the best aesthetics for your home and we just happen to be window crazy and love sparkling windows.

At SeaClean we are truly sparkling window addicts. Unlike most homeowners, we refuse to use regular water on your windows. Tap and salt water damage your windows so we only use purified water to help your glass shine.

We follow a five-step process at Sea Clean:

  1. We first analyze the window to determine the best process moving forward which may include the use of bronze wool.
  2. We take the screens off carefully preparing them to go through a professional screen washing
  3. We scrub the windows, frame, and the sill with purified water
  4. We then thoroughly clean the screens and detail the tracks
  5. Lastly we leave your home with sparkling windows

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Professional window cleaning in Cannon Beach, Oregon
"The first time I used Sea Clean, I only had them clean the windows that I couldn't reach. I'm an obsessive person, so why would I pay anyone to do a cleaning job that I can do? But as it turned out, their work is so much better than mine. On the second time (and forever more) I had them do all of the windows and the French doors. A bit dangerous because I can't tell whether the door is open or closed. I also appreciate how sensitive they are to keeping the inside of the house clean and water free as they work. Will definitely use them over and over again."
Bill C., via Google

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Gutter Cleaning

I bet if I interview you as the homeowner and asked “Do you absolutely love cleaning your gutters?” A few of you may say: ‘Yes Jonathan. I absolutely love cleaning my gutters. The rest of you are going to say: “Jonathan, I would rather giving you a few Benjamins to do it”.

At Sea Clean we are not only sparkling window addicts, but gutter cleaning enthusiasts as well! In fact, we get really motivated when there are lots of leaves, moss, mud, pine needles, and branches clogging your gutter systems.

In all seriousness, it’s important that they are taken care of and maintained to ensure that they keep running smoothly and don’t cause a lot of damage to your property — which is a serious risk if they're neglected.

At Sea Clean, we provide professional and thorough gutter cleaning for your home on the North Coast. We just happen to really enjoy it as well.

Gutter cleaning in Cannon Beach, Oregon

Your satisfaction, guaranteed.

If you are not happy with the work we perform, we will come back and fix it for you

Roof Cleaning

Sometimes we drive by homes and we see strange, green stuff or dark spots growing on a roof and wonder if the Grinch has visited the home.

If you aren't aware, strange, green stuff or dark spots on a roof is actually not healthy because it means your roof is infested and could lead to permanent damage.

Let’s consider an economic review of the situation.

Average cost of a roof is $ 10,000.

Average lifespan of that roof is 20 years.

However, if the Grinch is living on your roof all the time then the average lifespan of that roof could decrease by 10 years.

So, at Sea Clean we are committed to ensuring that your long term
investment doesn’t become a short-term problem.

We know that roof cleaning can actually add many years to your roof — saving you a lot of money in the long run! But it has to be done correctly. We have seen it done incorrectly. For example, pressure washing a roof rinses off all the granual and voids the warranty with the manufacturer. Pressure washing is also like cutting the grass, it just grows back faster. Using barbecue tools to scratch off the moss will wear off the granuals, voiding the warranty.

At Sea Clean, we have been trained and certified to roof clean properly. We utilize SoftWash Systems tools and applicating process so your roof doesn’t get damaged in the process. SoftWash Systems ensure that all of the green stuff gets throroughtly removed and the Grinch heads elsewhere. Soft Washing is an agricultural alternative to pressure washing providing a much longer clean, killing the pest at its roots. Here is an amazing bonus! Consistent roof cleaning improves energy efficiency, improves air quality around your house, and makes your home visually appealing. All of these positive results radically increase your home equity.

If you would like to make sure your roof is protected from all of the different elements here on the Oregon Coast, click below to get your ideal package:

Before roof cleaningAfter roof cleaning
"Jonathan, the owner, is amazingly customer service oriented. His staff are all very interesting folks, so getting your windows cleaned is a very positive event. Anyone with a beach house knows how important clean windows are, and Sea Clean makes it a no-fuss event!"
Cathy F., via Google

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Soft Washing

Sea Clean is proud to offer soft washing as an environmentally friendly alternative to pressure washing. Soft washing is like the baby of pest control and pressure washing. You will receive the instant clean of a pressure wash and the long-lasting results of a pest control treatment. Plus, it’s great for cleaning nearly any surface of your home, whether it be your roof and solar panels to your gutters, patios, decks, driveway, and more.

What is great about soft washing?

  • It is gentle: Soft washing will not cause harm to the exterior surfaces of your home because it combines gentle pressure and biodegradable soaps and solutions. In addition, it will not harm your landscaping.
  • Longer lasting results: Soft washing breaks down contaminants at their source, so the results can last four to six times longer than other exterior cleaning methods.
  • A truly clean home: By eliminating and sanitizing 99.8% of the biological infestation and contaminants, staining your home’s surfaces will give you the best-looking and cleanest house on the block.
  • Less water: Soft washing uses one-third less water than traditional power washing and comparable cleaning systems.
  • Buildup elimination: Soft washing eliminates buildup at its source, so it doesn’t come back as quickly and won’t need to be repeated as often as power washing.
  • Improved surface appearance: Soft washing can improve the appearance of any exterior surface.

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Professional window cleaning in Cannon Beach, Oregon
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Why do residents on the North Coast choose us to help boost the curb appeal of your home exterior?

At Sea Clean, your satisfaction is our top priority. It’s important to us that we provide a high level of service for you that leaves you with sparkling results inside and out. Your windows are the eyes of your property and we want you to see clearly, beautifully and feel proud of them! We appreciate that it takes a lot of trust to let someone come into your home to take care of your windows. That’s why we make sure that your home is exactly as we left it, with not a thing out of place. Why not take a look at what our clients are saying right here from our verified reviews?

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